Measurement of singly Cabibbo-suppressed decays → , , And

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Title: Measurement of singly Cabibbo-suppressed decays → , , And
Authors: Ablikim, M., Achasov, M.N., Ahmed, S., Albrecht, M., Amoroso, A., An, F.F., An, Q., Bai, J.Z., Bai, Y., Bakina, O., Baldini Ferroli, R., Ban, Y., Bennett, D.W., Bennett, J.V., Berger, N., Bertani, M., Bettoni, D., Bian, J.M., Bianchi, F., Boger, E., Boyko, I., Briere, R.A., Cai, H., Cai, X., Cakir, O., Calcaterra, A., Cao, G.F., Cetin, S.A., Chai, J., Chang, J.F., Chelkov, G., Chen, G., Chen, H.S., Chen, J.C., Chen, M.L., Chen, P.L., Chen, S.J., Chen, X.R., Chen, Y.B., Chu, X.K., Cibinetto, G., Dai, H.L., Dai, J.P., Dbeyssi, A., Dedovich, D., Deng, Z.Y., Denig, A., Denysenko, I., Destefanis, M., De Mori, F., Ding, Y., Dong, C., Dong, J., Dong, L.Y., Dong, M.Y., Dou, Z.L., Du, S.X., Duan, P.F., Fang, J., Fang, S.S., Fang, Y., Farinelli, R., Fava, L., Fegan, S., Feldbauer, F., Felici, G., Feng, C.Q., Fioravanti, E., Fritsch, M., Fu, C.D., Gao, Q., Gao, X.L., Gao, Y., Gao, Y.G., Gao, Z., Garillon, B., Garzia, I., Goetzen, K., Gong, L., Gong, W.X., Gradl, W., Greco, M., Gu, M.H., 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Source: Physics Letters
Publisher Information: Elsevier, 2018.
Publication Year: 2018
Description: Using a data sample of e+e− collision data corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 2.93 fb−1 collected with the BESIII detector at a center-of-mass energy of s=3.773GeV, we search for the singly Cabibbo-suppressed decays D0→π0π0π0, π0π0η, π0ηη and ηηη using the double tag method. The absolute branching fractions are measured to be B(D0→π0π0π0)=(2.0±0.4±0.3)×10−4, B(D0→π0π0η)=(3.8±1.1±0.7)×10−4 and B(D0→π0ηη)=(7.3±1.6±1.5)×10−4 with the statistical significances of 4.8σ, 3.8σ and 5.5σ, respectively, where the first uncertainties are statistical and the second ones systematic. No significant signal of D0→ηηη is found, and the upper limit on its decay branching fraction is set to be B(D0→ηηη)<1.3×10−4 at the 90% confidence level.
Language: English
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Accession Number: edsair.od......3000..14dd0a2345b2bbac03c5395c3508caeb
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