Improved measurement of the strong-phase difference $$\delta _D^{K\pi }$$ δ D K π in quantum-correlated $$D{\bar{D}}$$ D D ¯ decays

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Title: Improved measurement of the strong-phase difference $$\delta _D^{K\pi }$$ δ D K π in quantum-correlated $$D{\bar{D}}$$ D D ¯ decays
Authors: Ablikim, M., Achasov, M., Adlarson, P., Albrecht, M., Aliberti, R., Amoroso, A., An, M., An, Q., Bai, X., Bai, Y., Bakina, O., Baldini Ferroli, R., Balossino, I., Ban, Y., Batozskaya, V., Becker, D., Begzsuren, K., Berger, N., Bertani, M., Bettoni, D., Bianchi, F., Bloms, J., Bortone, A., Boyko, I., Briere, R., Brueggemann, A., Cai, H., Cai, X., Calcaterra, A., Cao, G., Cao, N., Cetin, S., Chang, J., Chang, W., Chelkov, G., Chen, C., Chen, Chao, Chen, G., Chen, H., Chen, M., Chen, S., Chen, T., Chen, X., Chen, Y., Chen, Z., Cheng, W., Choi , S., Chu, X., Cibinetto, G., Cossio, F., Cui, J., Dai, H., Dai, J., Dbeyssi, A., de Boer, R., Dedovich, D., Deng, Z., Denig, A., Denysenko, I., Destefanis, M., Mori, F., Ding, Y., Dong, J., Dong, L., Dong, M., Dong, X., Du, S., Egorov, P., Fan, Y., Fang, J., Fang, S., Fang, W., Fang, Y., Farinelli, R., Fava, L., Feldbauer, F., Felici, G., Feng, C., Feng, J., Fischer, K, Fritsch, M., Fritzsch, C., Fu, C., Gao, H., Gao, Y., Gao, Yang, 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Source: European Physical Journal
Publisher Information: Springer, 2022.
Publication Year: 2022
Description: The decay $$D \rightarrow K^-\pi ^+$$ D → K - π + is studied in a sample of quantum-correlated $$D{\bar{D}}$$ D D ¯ pairs, based on a data set corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 2.93 fb $$^{-1}$$ - 1 collected at the $$\psi (3770)$$ ψ ( 3770 ) resonance by the BESIII experiment. The asymmetry between $$C\!P$$ C P -odd and $$C\!P$$ C P -even eigenstate decays into $$K^-\pi ^+$$ K - π + is determined to be $${{\mathcal {A}}}_{K\pi } = 0.132 \pm 0.011 \pm 0.007$$ A K π = 0.132 ± 0.011 ± 0.007 , where the first uncertainty is statistical and the second is systematic. This measurement is an update of an earlier study exploiting additional tagging modes, including several decay modes involving a $$K^0_L$$ K L 0 meson. The branching fractions of the $$K^0_L$$ K L 0 modes are determined as input to the analysis in a manner that is independent of any strong phase uncertainty. Using the predominantly $$C\!P$$ C P -even tag $$D\rightarrow \pi ^+\pi ^-\pi ^0$$ D → π + π - π 0 and the ensemble of $$C\!P$$ C P -odd eigenstate tags, the observable $${{\mathcal {A}}}_{K\pi }^{\pi \pi \pi ^0}$$ A K π π π π 0 is measured to be $$0.130 \pm 0.012 \pm 0.008$$ 0.130 ± 0.012 ± 0.008 . The two asymmetries are sensitive to $$r_D^{K\pi }\cos \delta _D^{K\pi }$$ r D K π cos δ D K π , where $$r_D^{K\pi }$$ r D K π and $$\delta _D^{K\pi }$$ δ D K π are the ratio of amplitudes and phase difference, respectively, between the doubly Cabibbo-suppressed and Cabibbo-favoured decays. In addition, events containing $$D \rightarrow K^-\pi ^+$$ D → K - π + tagged by $$D \rightarrow K^0_{S,L} \pi ^+\pi ^-$$ D → K S , L 0 π + π - are studied in bins of phase space of the three-body decays. This analysis has sensitivity to both $$r_D^{K\pi }\cos \delta _D^{K\pi }$$ r D K π cos δ D K π and $$r_D^{K\pi }\sin \delta _D^{K\pi }$$ r D K π sin δ D K π . A fit to $${{\mathcal {A}}}_{K\pi }$$ A K π , $${{\mathcal {A}}}_{K\pi }^{\pi \pi \pi ^0}$$ A K π π π π 0 and the phase-space distribution of the $$D \rightarrow K^0_{S,L} \pi ^+\pi ^-$$ D → K S , L 0 π + π - tags yields $$\delta _D^{K\pi }= \left( 187.6 {^{+8.9}_{-9.7}}{^{+5.4}_{-6.4}} \right) ^{\circ }$$ δ D K π = 187.6 - 9.7 + 8.9 - 6.4 + 5.4 ∘ , where external constraints are applied for $$r_D^{K\pi }$$ r D K π and other relevant parameters. This is the most precise measurement of $$\delta _D^{K\pi }$$ δ D K π in quantum-correlated $$D{\bar{D}}$$ D D ¯ decays.
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