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Enhanced spin–orbit torque switching in perpendicular multilayers via interfacial oxygen tunability.

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Title: Enhanced spin–orbit torque switching in perpendicular multilayers via interfacial oxygen tunability.
Authors: Zhang, J. Y., Dou, P. W., Peng, W. L., Qi, J., Liu, J. Q., Liu, R. Y., Zheng, X. Q., Wu, Y. F., Lyu, H. C., Zhao, Y. C., Zhu, Z. Z., You, C. Y., Kohn, A., Wang, S. G.
Source: Applied Physics Letters; 12/7/2020, Vol. 117 Issue 23, p1-6, 6p
Abstract: Spin–orbit torque (SOT) offers a promising pathway to electrically manipulate magnetization in perpendicular multilayers, but the ultrahigh current density required for SOT switching limits its applications. Here, we report that field-free SOT switching is achieved in perpendicular Ta/CoFeB/MgO multilayers by inserting ultrathin Mg or Hf layers. A critical current density of 1.18 × 107 A/cm2 is obtained in Ta/CoFeB/Mg(0.1 nm)/MgO multilayers for field-free SOT switching, which is 42% lower than that in the Ta/CoFeB/MgO sample. The results demonstrate that the enhanced SOT switching efficiency is determined by a modified Rashba interface induced by interfacial orbital hybridization due to the presence of an ultrathin inserted layer. Furthermore, SOT exhibits a significant dependence on the interfacial structure, especially the interfacial oxygen content. Our findings provide an effective insight into the interfacial manipulation of SOT-based spintronic devices. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
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