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Source: Cutiongco, M 2020, ' Predicting gene expression using morphological cell responses to nanotopography ', Nature Communications, vol. 11, no. 1, 1384, pp. 1384 .
Nature Communications, Vol 11, Iss 1, Pp 1-13 (2020)
Nature Communications

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Contributors: Leicester Institute of Structural and Chemical Biology [Leicester] (LISCB), University of Leicester, University of Wolverhampton, Molecular Dimensions Ltd [Newmarket], Bactéries anaérobies et Toxines, Institut Pasteur [Paris], Birkbeck College [University of London], College of Life and Environmental Sciences [Exeter], University of Exeter, This work was supported by grants from the UK Medical Research Council (MC-A021-53019) and the Wellcome Trust (WT089618MA)., We thank Professor Nicholas Harmer and Alice Cross, University of Exeter, UK for assistance with the thermostability assay. We also wish to thank Dr. Shaoxia Chen, Dr. Giuseppe Cannone, Dr. Greg McMullan, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, UK, Dr. Peter Moody, University of Leicester, UK, and Dr. Edmund Kunji, MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit, Cambridge, UK for helpful discussions and advice., Institut Pasteur [Paris] (IP)

Source: Nature Communications
Nature Communications, Nature Publishing Group, 2019, 10 (1), pp.2641. ⟨10.1038/s41467-019-10645-8⟩
Nature Communications, 2019, 10 (1), pp.2641. ⟨10.1038/s41467-019-10645-8⟩

Subject Terms: Models, Molecular, MESH: Clostridium Infections/prevention & control, MESH: Recombinant Proteins/metabolism, Bacterial toxins, MESH: Bacterial Toxins/genetics, Clostridium perfringens, [SDV]Life Sciences [q-bio], [SDV.BC]Life Sciences [q-bio]/Cellular Biology, [SDV.BC.BC]Life Sciences [q-bio]/Cellular Biology/Subcellular Processes [q-bio.SC], Article, Cell Line, MESH: Bacterial Toxins/chemistry, MESH: Clostridium perfringens/genetics, MESH: Dogs, MESH: Clostridium perfringens/pathogenicity, Dogs, Cryoelectron microscopy, [SDV.BC.IC]Life Sciences [q-bio]/Cellular Biology/Cell Behavior [q-bio.CB], Animals, Nanotechnology, MESH: Animals, MESH: Recombinant Proteins/genetics, MESH: Bacterial Toxins/metabolism, MESH: Bacterial Toxins/isolation & purification, MESH: Recombinant Proteins/isolation & purification, MESH: Biotechnology/methods, MESH: Clostridium perfringens/ultrastructure, MESH: Protein Multimerization/genetics, MESH: Nanotechnology/methods, [SDV.MP.BAC]Life Sciences [q-bio]/Microbiology and Parasitology/Bacteriology, Recombinant Proteins, MESH: Protein Conformation, beta-Strand/genetics, MESH: Cell Line, MESH: Clostridium Infections/microbiology, MESH: Mutagenesis, Site-Directed, MESH: Recombinant Proteins/chemistry, [SDV.MP]Life Sciences [q-bio]/Microbiology and Parasitology, MESH: Enterotoxemia/prevention & control, Clostridium Infections, Mutagenesis, Site-Directed, Protein Conformation, beta-Strand, MESH: Enterotoxemia/microbiology, MESH: Cryoelectron Microscopy, Protein Multimerization, MESH: Clostridium perfringens/metabolism, MESH: Models, Molecular, Biotechnology, Enterotoxemia


Contributors: Dri, Carlo, Peters, M. V., Schwarz, J., Hecht, S., Grill, L.

Source: Nature nanotechnology
3 (2008): 649–653.
info:cnr-pdr/source/autori:Dri, C; Peters, MV; Schwarz, J; Hecht, S; Grill, L/titolo:Spatial periodicity in molecular switching/doi:/rivista:Nature nanotechnology (Print)/anno:2008/pagina_da:649/pagina_a:653/intervallo_pagine:649–653/volume:3

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Contributors: Centre de recherche en Biologie Cellulaire (CRBM), Université Montpellier 2 - Sciences et Techniques (UM2)-Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)-Université de Montpellier (UM)-Université Montpellier 1 (UM1)

Source: Biochemical Society Transactions
Biochemical Society Transactions, Portland Press, 2007, 35 (1), pp.44-46. ⟨10.1042/BST0350044⟩


Contributors: Malorni, L, Cacace, G, Cuccurullo, M, Pocsfalvi, G, Chambery, Angela, Farina, A, DI MARO, Antimo, Parente, A, Malorni, A.

Source: Proteomics (Weinh., Print) 63 (2006): 5973–5982. doi:10.1002/pmic.200600333
info:cnr-pdr/source/autori:Malorni Livia; Cacace Giuseppina; Cuccurullo Manuela; Pocsfalvi Gabriella; Chambery Angela; Parente Augusto; Malorni Antonio/titolo:Proteomic analysis of MCF-7 breast cancer cell line exposed to mitogenic concentration of 17 beta-estradiol./doi:10.1002%2Fpmic.200600333/rivista:Proteomics (Weinh., Print)/anno:2006/pagina_da:5973/pagina_a:5982/intervallo_pagine:5973–5982/volume:63
Proteomics, Vol. 6, No 22 (2006) pp. 5973-82


Contributors: Bio-Organic Chemistry

r-CIPF: Repositorio Institucional Producción Científica del Centro de Investigación Principe Felipe (CIPF)
Centro de Investigación Principe Felipe (CIPF)
Chemical Society Reviews, 50(16), 8829-8856. Royal Society of Chemistry
Chemical Society Reviews
r-CIPF. Repositorio Institucional Producción Científica del Centro de Investigación Principe Felipe (CIPF)
RiuNet. Repositorio Institucional de la Universitat Politécnica de Valéncia

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