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Contributors: Terrestrial Ecology (TE)

Source: Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 289(1984):20221178. Royal Society Publishing
Wilschut, Rutger A; De Long, Jonathan R; Geisen, Stefan; Hannula, S Emilia; Quist, Casper W; Snoek, Basten; Steinauer, Katja; Wubs, E R Jasper; Yang, Qiang; Thakur, Madhav P (2022). Combined effects of warming and drought on plant biomass depend on plant woodiness and community type: a meta-analysis. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological sciences, 289(1984), p. 20221178. The Royal Society 10.1098/rspb.2022.1178 <>
Proceedings of the Royal Society. B: Biological Sciences, 289(1984), 1-10
Proceedings. Biological sciences, 289(1984), 1. Royal Society of London
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 289(1984):20221178

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Source: Ashton, G, Bernstein, N, Buchner, J, Chen, X, Csányi, G, Feroz, F, Fowlie, A, Griffiths, M, Habeck, M, Handley, W, Higson, E, Hobson, M, Lasenby, A, Parkinson, D B, Pártay, L B, Pitkin, M, Schneider, D, South, L, Speagle, J, Veitch, J, Wacker, P, Wales, D & Yallup, D 2022, ' Nested Sampling for physical scientists ', Nature Reviews Methods Primers, vol. 2, no. 1, 39 .

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Source: Nature Communications, 13(1), 1. Nature Publishing Group
Liu, M, Huang, L Z X, Smits, A A, Büll, C, Narimatsu, Y, van Kuppeveld, F J M, Clausen, H, de Haan, C A M & de Vries, E 2022, ' Human-type sialic acid receptors contribute to avian influenza A virus binding and entry by hetero-multivalent interactions ', Nature Communications, vol. 13, 4054 .

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Contributors: Golec, Anita, Pranke, Iwona, Scudieri, Paolo, Hayes, Kate, Dreano, Elise, Dunlevy, Fiona, Hatton, Aurelie, Downey, Damian G, Galietta, Lui, Sermet, Isabelle

Source: Golec, A, Pranke, I, Scuderi, P, Hayes, K, Dreano, E, Dunlevy, F, Hatton, A, Downey, D G, Galietta, L & Sermet, I 2022, ' Isolation, cultivation, and application of primary respiratory epithelial cells obtained by nasal brushing, polyp samples, or lung explants ', STAR Protocols, vol. 3, no. 2, 101419 .

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